Our Story

Recently the fragrance industry has been dominated by mass-market fragrances, it is uplifting to discover a self-owned fragrance brand where the key intention is to create original fragrances where quality and innovation are fundamental.

NIDOR meaning smell in Latin is the perfect name for my brand as I bring the focus back to the fragrance.

NIDOR is a luxury fragrance brand from Scotland, born from a passion for fragrance from a very young age.

I was fascinated by fragrance. I would sit beside my mother as she spritzed herself with Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, a heady, rich oriental evening perfume.

My passion grew and my knowledge expanded by going shopping with my mother so that I could smell as many different fragrances as possible.

When I was with my gran in her garden that was full of flowers in the height of summer. I sat and all I could concentrate on was the smells I was experiencing. The fresh cut grass, the musty dirt smell from the compost and the beautiful scent from the blooming flowers.

Over the past 10 years I have channelled my passion and creativity into a collection of beautifully composed fragrances.


Our vision statement describes what we aim to achieve.

Pioneering to define fine fragrance

NIDOR wasn’t created for a marketing campaign or due to the current trends in fragrance. When a fragrance is chosen it should be one that when it comes in contact with those closest to you, you are their first thought.

The ingredients I have used are from my life experiences and simple notes that I adore.

I’m all about the ingredients, the things that have happened in my life and the places I have been that I translate back into my fragrances.


Jordan Thomson 

Founder / Creative Director